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Monday, September 28, 2009

Rebound driveway marker


Boston Globe: Dave Copeland Globe Correspondent / September 28, 2009

"Winter after winter, passing snowplows would snap off the markers that outline Arra David’s long driveway. Or he would scrape against them as he pulled in to park, scratching his car. And if he waited too long to install the markers, pounding them into the frozen turf without breaking them became a problem."

"... stainless steel spring at the bottom of a 4-foot fiberglass reflective rod that was flexible enough to survive plow blades."

"But David, who lives in Manchester, N.H., knew that commercializing a concept isn’t easy. So last year, he turned to Big Idea Group, a Manchester consulting firm that helps companies be innovative, based on consumer feedback."

"Nine months later, David’s hardy markers were on store shelves."

"He now expects the Rebound driveway marker to generate $2 million in sales in its first year."

Big Idea Group: Insights and Innovation to Grow Your Business
BIG is an open source innovation company.
We complement traditional, internal approaches with an effective and efficient open innovation process. Our particular expertise is in insight discovery, innovation generation, and innovation execution.

We have worked with clients on a variety of projects in consumer products and services, and at different stages of the innovation process. Whether a company wants to hire us from insight discovery to on-shelf product, or for just one segment of development, BIG's open innovation resources and processes will powerfully augment internal efforts.

BIG was launched in 2000. It is partially owned by WPP, one of the world's largest communications service groups.