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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Interpersonal discussions about caregiving needs and plan for a future

Generational Issues Challenge Family Caregiving Pamela D. Wilson,

"... how do we balance interpersonal discussions about caregiving needs and plan for a future when we will need care?

One generational challenge is varying life focus; family and loyalty versus money and self centeredness. Finding common ground to discuss aging and what each one of us wants the aging process to look like spiritually, financially, emotionally and physically will help generational differences narrow and promote commonality.

As we age and life events occur, many of us participate in rationalization. By this we offer an explanation to justify an action or event which may be based on an excuse and not rational thought. For example, your parent may not want to go to a senior center because the building is filled with old people. While they are old themselves, saying this allows them to avoid the reality that they are similar in any way to the old people attending the senior center. This defense mechanism allows us to make irrational choices and justify them to ourselves.

It is important to be honest with ourselves about our reasons for doing or not doing something, especially if we are avoiding a situation. When considering each decision we make and how it affects those around us we can create an environment that works together, so that in the event that we need help we can rely on those around us to support us in making practical, rational plans."

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