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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pain In ederly often undiagnosed

Pain In People With Dementia Often Undiagnosed

Laurie Wang
University of Alberta how to identify when an elderly person is experiencing pain - and receive treatment sooner rather than later.

The University of Alberta's Cary Brown, PhD, has a new tool to help. She has developed an online workshop and toolkit for caregivers, health-care providers, family members and friends of people with dementia.

The researcher from the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine created an evidence-based website with a narrated presentation on pain and dementia, a downloadable resource pack for family members, a downloadable pain log and a facilitator's toolkit with background material, a planning guide, promotional material and supplemental information for organizations who wish to put on a workshop.

The online workshop and toolkit are available at: http://www.painanddementia.ualberta.ca