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Friday, August 28, 2009

caregiver, a family member or both, clothing resource

Buck and Buck
About Buck & Buck

We, Julie and Bill Buck, founded this company in 1978 based upon a need identified by Julie who was an assistant administrator in a nursing home at the time and responsible for seeing that her residents had appropriate clothing. Many residents did not have family or friends to shop for them so Julie took that task upon herself. The problem encountered was that choices were slim in finding quality, appropriate clothing. Julie took the challenge to heart and she and I hunted down garments from USA companies that would look good, feel comfortable and be suitable for her residents. We borrowed some money from our family, purchased garments, loaded the garments in our van and started the Buck and Buck Company bringing clothing to the residents.

Julie also identified the special needs that many aging adults have in requiring assistance in dressing due to their physical or mental limitations. Julie took up that challenge with enthusiasm and worked with residents, families, Aides, nurses and physical therapists to design garments that would either maintain the resident's independence or provide assistance in dressing to the caregiver while preserving dignity of the wearer.

Other companies have copied Buck and Buck designs because our ideas in solving dressing issues are so in tune with the needs of the customer, but the quality and attention to detail at Buck and Buck is unmatched.

Whether you are a caregiver, a family member or both, our web site and catalog will acquaint you with clothing designs which promote independence for the self-dresser, as well as special closure items which make assisted dressing easier for both the wearer and the caregiver.

Talk to one of our customer service representatives. We have been helping family members and caregivers make appropriate selections for over 31 years and are excellent at solving most dressing difficulties. Please let us help you!

Any suggestions about our products, website or catalog design are welcomed. You may email them to: julie@buckandbuck.com or bill@buckandbuck.com

Bill and Julie Buck