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Thursday, November 1, 2012

BBC News - Elderly people 'staying at home for fear of falling'

BBC News - Elderly people 'staying at home for fear of falling': Elderly people 'staying at home for fear of falling'
elderly lady who has fallen A third of adults over 65 will suffer a fall each year, but falls are not inevitable, says Age

A fear of falling is making many elderly people prisoners in their own homes, a survey has suggested.

Falls advice

  • Try not to panic if you have a fall. It is likely that you will feel shocked and a bit shaken, but staying calm will help you to gather your thoughts and remember what to do
  • Do not get up quickly. Roll onto your hands and knees and find a stable piece of furniture, such as a chair or bed, to support you as you slowly get up
  • Rest for a while before carrying on with your daily activities
  • If you are injured or cannot get up, call for help

Making small changes at home, such as using non-slip rugs and mats and ensuring that rooms are clutter-free and well lit, can help prevent falls.

Michelle Mitchell, of the charity Age UK, said: "At their worst falls can be the cause of death, but falls are not an inevitable part of ageing - many falls can be prevented and there is much that can be done to help people who have fallen not to fall again."