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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Grief is a natural part of life–and change–any change can trigger grief.

Grief Starts Early With Alzheimer’s, Ways to Honor The Grief Process «
Ways to Honor Our Grief:

* Take some photographs. See the beauty in vein-riddled hands and silver-white hair. There’s a sense of beauty that comes with aging, I liken it to the beauty and intricacy of a spider’s web. Even when the photographs reveal the ravages of time and disease, there’s something important about acknowledging today–just as it is.

* Dig out some old photographs–baby pictures, grade school, high school, the dating years, wedding photos. Remember who your loved one is–and was. Create a bridge by taking note of each decade, each life event. Display these photos so when grief comes, you can ease its sting by acknowledging what an amazing life journey they’ve had–and you’ve had with them.

* Write letters and share what you’re experiencing. Even if no one ever reads them, you need to write them. Grief is like a suitcase we carry with us–and if we have a place to put it–our thoughts, our worries, our memories–when we write them, we ease our own emotional load.

* Talk to those who share your experience. Call your sister, a cousin, or a friend who has been through a similar situation. Knowing that someone will listen to you, someone you can reminisce with, confide in–makes our grief bearable


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