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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Citizen Creator project, edit and share compelling narratives.

Introduction to Story Capture | story capture
Introduction to Story Capture

Our goal is to create an easy-to-use tool and process for chronicling non-profit initiatives, volunteer projects, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs. But we've also realized that the same approach is useful in a wide variety of fields and communities, including healthcare, marketing, and product development.

Story Capture looks and works like many common blog systems, but provides a set of tools for reversing the sequence of blog posts (putting them in chronological order) and then editing the resulting "story line" into a coherent narrative. Participants and staff can input story material using widely accessible social media (blog posts, email, Twitter, etc.) and then edit that material (through a shared interface) into compelling stories, articles or web pages including photos, video and other types of media files.

The Basic Idea

The basic idea of Story Capture is simple ... create a story, blog about what you're doing (write a paragraph or two) on a regular basis, and attach photos or video that you've shot. Then we provide an easy way to roll up those blog posts and generate a "story line" ... the same content in reverse order (the linear sequence in which we would tell a story), formatted to be easy to read and/or re-edit into a final report or web document.

How Tos and Suggestions

Of course, the tool is just a convenience. What's important is your process for capturing the story. (Building a story can be an individual or group effort; if you're mainly a visual person, you might want to collaborate with a word person, or vice versa.) It helps to think and talk about what's the core story behind your project. What are you trying to do? Why is it important? Who's involved in this story? Who should I interview, what questions should I ask? What's the timeline of the project, and how often should I write and shoot video or take pictures? The depth and quality of the story will depend on thinking deeply about what you're trying to capture.

Check out "How to ..." for nitty-gritty help on using the tool, and "Suggestions for ..." to get tips on how to improve your stories and media.

Who We Are

The Story Capture program is an initiative of the Citizen Creator project, which is being supported by the Learning Worlds Institute. We're hoping to encourage the use of storytelling methodologies to help volunteers and non-profit organizations to document and celebrate the good work they do. We're interested in developing and spreading the Story Capture process and tools through pilot projects and workshops. Please contact us (pilots@storycapture.org) if you'd like to work together.