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Friday, August 7, 2015

Tips for avoiding scams | Loving Hands Group

Tips for avoiding scams | Loving Hands Group: Scams are perpetrated by phone, mail, e-mail, text message, social media and door-to-door contact. Scammers are very good at making their targets feel guilty about saying no. They typically act very friendly, call you by your first name and pretend to care about your family and your health situation, while making you feel guilty for not trusting them.

Scammers also try to confuse you into accepting their offer. They will talk fast, avoid questions, give incomplete or confusing explanations and pressure you into accepting immediately. If you are not completely clear about and comfortable with what they are proposing, either say no or tell them you need time to think it over. Always consult with a trusted friend or family member before you decide.

Scammers are hard at work.  Apr 18 2015
Received a phone call from a man saying he was Michael Collins comptroller at Publishers clearing house. Notifying me I had won millions of dollars. All I need to do is call 866 996 5997 register my winners number, pay a delivery fee for something and PCH will show up and deliver a million dollar prize and car etc etc.  I was told the IRS had already taken out their 15%, but Federal Taxes were still owed.....

A quick check on the Net http://info.pch.com/consumer-information/tips-a-warning-signs and found this  was an on going scam.

If only I had won Glad I was online and could do vetting.

He was very very convincing