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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Decrease Identity Theft Risk with MySSA Account - AgingCare.com

Decrease Identity Theft Risk with MySSA Account - AgingCare.com What can you do to prevent an identity thief from tampering with your MySSA account? Create a MySSA account. By creating your MySSA account you are preventing an identity thief from doing so using your information. Opt-out of MySSA. If you are not very computer savvy (or you prefer not to have online access), then you can contact the SSA and opt-out of the MySSA program. Doing so prevents you (or an identity thief) from being able to set up an online account in your name. This is a great option for those taking care of their aging parents. Living in an ever-more-connected digital world means that there are always going to be certain security risks surrounding our personal information. However, you can reduce some of that risk for you and your family simply by setting up a MySSA account or opting out of the MySSA program. Carrie Kerskie, Expert Author, speaker and identity theft expert