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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

full control of your telephone impose adjustable restrictions

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T-lock Outgoing Call Blocker w/ Allow Memory and Cut-off Timer - Wallplate Style by hqtelecom.com
This discrete telephone box hides an electronic circuit that allows you (the owner) to retain full control of your phoneline while imposing these adjustable restrictions:
- Diallow outboung dialing of virtually all long distance telephone numbers (0+, 1+ calls)
- Add a list of allowed numbers including 7 or 10 digit telephone numbers, prefixes or area codes (up to 250 digits combined).
- Activate a call timer that will trigger as soon you the telephone handset is picked up and will cut off all calls (both incoming and outgoing calls) at the time you specific from 1 to 99 minutes
Easy to install, program and use
Works with analog lines and most VOIP lines
4-digit security code bypasses all restrictions
One unit can protect all extensions
Line Powered (no batteries, no external power needed)
PRO Call Blocker - Ver 2.0 - Incoming & Outgoing Telephone Number Blocker by Cheeta
Block up to 1,200 incoming phone numbers & faxes in Blacklist (16 digit each)
Block up to ten (10) incoming area codes and/or prefixes (up to 10 digits each)
Block up to 100 outgoing phone numbers (with owner's passcode)
Block calls with no caller ID information (shown as unknown, private, out of area, anonymous, etc)
Line powered