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Thursday, June 10, 2010

News from Pleasantries Adult Day Services June 2010

Babies evoke a positive emotional response in most older adults. When our guests are able to hold a baby, their day is better. The interaction is priceless.The smiles shared and the sweet baby talk create a happy environment. We are lucky to have guests whose grand-children visit us.
Evie holding Jackson, Leslie's grandson
We have multiple days where children will visit and interact with our guests.
Intergenerational activity is mutually beneficial. While the children experience diminished fear of an older adult and enjoy the contact with our guests, the guest experiences a sense of increased self-worth, and an improved emotional state. My guests are able to carry the positive emotions throughout their day.
Arthur holding Jackson, Leslie's  grandson.
Now we know what has been eating our lillies!
Deer in our yard
At the breakfast table, my guest, Ann said, "There are two animals in the yard." As I looked out, I was amazed to find two deer grazing. We went out on the deck and I was able to capture them on camera as they leaped away. Pretty awesome!

Tammy Pozerycki
Owner & Director