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Monday, December 14, 2009

Death Panels, Alaska | Sarah's "Palin Care For Seniors" Worked Even Better than Death Squads

Why Use Death Squads In Alaska When Sarah Palin Had Palin Care For Seniors That Worked Even Better?
"Sarah Palin is worried about Death Panels but many Alaskans are worried about Palin Care. During her tenure from 2006-2009, 277 elderly died from the poor management under her command! The Anchorage Daily News reported about this story last July, the situation in the state’s Medicare and Medicaid funded in-home elder care program became so bad that the federal government had to step in and force Palin to make the necessary improvements."
"In one 2 1/2 year stretch, 227 adults already getting services died while waiting for a nurse to reassess their needs. Another 27 died waiting for their initial assessment, to see if they qualified for help."